Je m'épanouis: Karin Williams Music begins to blossom

By this time, I still had no suspicion that God was at work in all this. I just thought I was doing what I liked, for fun. I've realised recently that God is able to do a lot in my life when I'm unaware that He is working. That way, I don't have the chance to get in the way. If He had mentioned to me that I was going to do all the things I've done thus far, I probably would have dug myself a huge hole and hid there for a very, very long time using every excuse I could conjure up to convince myself of why it was imperative that I remain there. Of course, He's God, and He knew that, so in His mercy and wisdom, He simply didn't tell me. I love Him for that. He gave me the gift, He let it develop, taught me to accept it and to love it, and then He showed me how to use it. Finally, He told me to go and share. Anyway, back to the story, I eventually began sharing my songs. At first, I would never let on that I had written the songs. I just used to sing them and sit down. And hide. Then, one Sabbath, my aunt got wind of the fact that I was the songwriter in the shadows and told the whole church after I sang one of my songs. I wanted to hide some more. I didn't want anyone to know because what if they didn't like the song? Then what? I felt it would be a judgement on me as a person and I honestly wasn't sure if my songs were any good. I mean, who would want to listen to a song that I wrote? Me? I was nobody important so what could I possibly have to share with anyone else? Well, what happened was quite the opposite. People enjoyed my songs and were blessed so I kept sharing and God kept inspiring me. Slowly, I realised that they were more than just songs that I wrote for the sake of it. They were conversations between myself and God. When I couldn’t understand a life event, I wrote a song under God’s inspiration and then He would help me to understand better. He would teach me to see Him more clearly. The songs became songs of deliverance for me where God was always present and as I shared, I understood that what God was doing for my with these songs, He was doing for others as they listened.