Phase two: the guitar

Still blissfully unaware of what was happening, I started to take a liking to guitars and their sound. There was a particular guitarist I had seen at a few church events and his playing was so beautiful to my ears that I was always in awe when he played. He inspired me. His music made me happy inside and made my heart reach for God. I suspect he was an inspiration to a lot of the guitarists around now. 

I began to spend a lot of time on YouTube searching for guitar videos and listening to the music and then the idea formed in my mind: "Maybe I could learn to play guitar too". Since I had no plan to do anything but learn to play so I could enjoy the instrument and sing my songs (I had like 2 of them at this point), I didn't have time to be scared of the prospect or talk myself out of it (something I regularly do). Those who know me well, know I'm probably the biggest scaredy cat around by nature. So there I was, my purpose fixed. I was going to learn guitar. So I saved up, got some advice from friends and off I went and bought my first guitar.